Feedback & Testimonials

“Thank you for a most energetic and stimulating session on Tuesday and seamlessly delivered. You will be pleased to hear that at the end of the afternoon the staff ended up in the staffroom eating their way through the different snacks which provided a lovely stimulus to share the morning’s sessions”.   from East-the-Water Primary to Sandhya, April 2011 

“The children were buzzing over the different aspects of Amazonian life, they loved having you here and haven't stopped talking about the experience all afternoon”.   from Newton Ferrers Primary to Ilana, January 2013 

“Very good session. Very sensory - taste, smell. music. dressing up. Our young pupils enjoyed the session very much.”   from Woodlands Primary to Nazima, June 2012 


“The stories were excellent and engaged the children” from Rydon Primary school to Ghee Bowman May 2011

“Chiu did some lovely work with the children... The children were really interested in the calligraphy and most of them wanted to take part in doing some writing, so all very successful. If she would like to come back any time, we would definitely have her!” from St Sidwell’s Primary school, Exeter, to Chiu Chan, November 2011 

Following a conviction for a racially-aggravated crime, one of our Chinese Cultural Champions (called Lucy below) met with the perpetrator (called Simon below) to share experiences of being a Chinese person living in the UK. This is an extract from the feedback sent by the Youth Offending Team in May 2011    “Simon was very engaged throughout and developed a strong insight into her life and the experience of racism (Lucy described an incident of racism she experienced and how it felt for her). He was able to talk about how what happened was because of his fear of difference, and we were also able to relate it to how people who have different religions, have disabilities, or are older have similar experiences of prejudiceI know that Simon got a huge amount out of the experience. He took the pictures from Lucy, and told her he was going to speak to his friend who had made the racist comment in the first place, and educate him. It was definitely a conversation, and they met as two human beings, finding out about each other's lives. Simon has had an opportunity to meet someone on an equal level, seemed to feel respected by Lucy, but was also given the opportunity to reflect on the whole incident, and his part in not ensuring the racism continued. His decision to take what he'd learned to his friend was a significant step and has meant that what was discussed will be taken further than the immediate conversation, so the impact is greater than we imagined.”

Devon Development Education, The Global Centre, Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG